Untitled EP

by Headchange

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released July 6, 2016

All songs written and performed by Headchange
Drums by Tyler Soucy (A Great Big Pile of Leaves)
Engineered and mixed by Paul Miner (Buzzbomb Studios)
Bass by Paul Miner on track 6
Mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music)



all rights reserved


Headchange San Diego, California

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Track Name: Storyteller
keep on telling yourself its what you wanted cause im not throwing myself off of your bridge my only nights are lonely nights digging out with my hands ill get myself together if i say that i can
Track Name: Grip
its hard to make the drive these mountains separate both our lives but i imagine that youre through cause i was just a burden on you with windows down tears make their way to my ears along the ride the same sights the same vibe and every time it grips my insides always under the thumb of your upper hand your absence sets in but where do i stand while i was dealing with the distance you found someone to be in your presence this bittersweet scenery that i pass through is all i can see when i am leaving you i wont get roped into feeling broken i feel your grip slipping day by day but when your heart is not where your home is it takes some time to finally drive away
Track Name: Soon
ill move out hang around i just dont belong here like the ones that i love in the ground that just dont belong there i wont get high we were late but not too far she put her makeup on in the car she brought a flask for the road and we pulled off to the shoulder i need her to come over soon shes a rekkq but i am too and loving me is the worst shell do its been said that i dont have it bad so it doesnt make sense to feel like i do this long drive that i have grown to despise it doesnt make sense i have this guilt in my chest dad o ask for cash though i feel bad
Track Name: Beside Myself
ive been beside myself youre not framed on my shelf youre having a night out where youll scoff at my mental health and make me into someone that your friends just badmouth well you say that i dont care but ive never driven so fast we kept chasing those feelings the ones that we felt in the past drive safe but keep in mind at this time of night not all intentions are kind exhale unwind youll find being wasted wont put life in rewind stop looking at the clock i wont relapse in your arms again just fill the void by sleeping in reminisce and then ask how ive been keep playing games youll never win are you missing us im just curious weve fallen out of touch well did i care too much
Track Name: Unscathed
the open door lets in a grey hue when youre feeling down do sirens at night worry you when you know im in town why do you still call we cant be in love i wont be about people who can be without me what have you found within yourself tell me what you see checking the mirror before heading out do you really have the strength to go out tell the jager in your hand that you are fine without me youre losing all comfort in bedsheets with window views its true february has left you with cold feet and temporary issues have you become a slave to your phone since we parted ways i doubt our distance left you unscathed
Track Name: Home Life
is this how you should behave when i'm driving you but you wont look at me the substance in your cup tells me you'll be falling asleep with all the lights and all your clothes on its no use blaming you "im not done picking fights with you youre never clear on what you want to do you pull away when im holding you i think its clear what youd like to do theres a spare room in your parents house itd be a shame to leave it lonely and vacant like how we are now" all dressed up seconds from throwing up why dont we take a walk itll give us a chance to talk because everything isnt so crucial after all ill cry my little eyes out one last time
Track Name: Spin
she dressed down this time around cause i dont dress well its kind of cold whered summer go we met when the sun fell these years have gotten away but these feelings have always stayed ill work on myself each day until i find my way we had a seat by the bay while our eyes reflected scenery i thought of words to say what could she possibly see in me second to none at twenty one i dont have it together what a catch i still rely on mama and papa but people have died that i didnt want dead will it turn out alright in the end or will i spin the wheels i always spin in her life i dont know where i fit until she took my flannel home and i dont miss it if i saw her everyday we'd make up for lost days